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About Us



Contrary to rumors, Rob, Arnie & Dawn are not related to each other, though they are about as close as any two brothers and their neurotic younger sister can be. So what can you expect to hear on our show? Well let's start with what you WON'T hear when you turn us on. You WON'T hear "wacky, morning-zoo" radio. You won't hear bells and whistles, honking horns, "zany" parody songs, or prerecorded laugh tracks (we have Dawn for that). You also won't hear interns standing on street corners trying to get passersby to drink a gallon of bacon grease for "Aerosmith" tickets. And you absolutely, positively will not hear smooth, polished sounding "DJs" with rich, silky voices and fake inflections trying to "sound happy" every moment of their miserable stinking lives. What you will hear is three real human beings, each with their own warped view of the world, each loaded with every flaw and bias imaginable to mankind, duke it out in a public forum for five hours every weekday. There are no rules, and nothing is out of bounds (or below the belt for that matter). We make no apologies for our twisted opinions (we'll leave that for radio station management), and we offer but one, universal disclaimer to anyone who listens to the show: "If we haven't offended you yet, don't worry…we will." We are not a news show, but rest assured, if it's happening in the news you will hear it on our show. We are not a sports show, but if it matters to the sports world, it matters to us. Most importantly, if it's not important to anyone, but is entertaining, you'll definitely hear it on our show. And if you listen to us long enough, you will learn things on the "Rob, Arnie & Dawn" show that no news program could ever teach you. Honestly, where else (besides a college frat house) would you learn the meaning of words like “grudge hump”?

There are only 3 important things to remember on this show:

1) Rob knows everything. Even when he thinks he is wrong (which is only 2% of the time), Rob is always right. Trying to convince him otherwise will result in a headache on your part, and further self-vindication on his.

2) Dawn is insane. At any given moment, she is either feeling guilty, or she is feeling sad that she is not feeling guilty about all the horrible things that happen in the world.

3) Arnie is simple.